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Featured Product

Specialty of the Month

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March Certifications

Featured Product

SlipIns Diveskins

SlipIns DiveSkins are created and manufactured in Southern California. They create unique prints and put them on amazing, silky soft, yet durable 60+UPF fabric. 

Why wear SlipIns DiveSkins

  • Skin Protection from the Sun, Abrasions, Fire Coral, etc
  • Makes getting into your wetsuit easier
  • More Hygienic when wearing someone elses wetsuit
  • Much easier to be seen by your buddy
  • Lots of Cool designs

See them today at SODA!


Specialty of the Month

This Month Only...Take 25 % off the SSI Boat Diving Specialty.

The ocean is filled with dive sites, but many of them cannot be reached from shore. This program gives you the skills and knowledge required to safely dive from a boat, allowing you to get the most from your underwater opportunities. You will earn the SSI Boat Diving Specialty certification after completing this program.


Featured Dive Travel

North Carolina

July 29 - August 2, 2019

  • 5 Full Day Charters With Olympus Dive Center
  • $650.00* diver, per person
  • $200.00* per person deposit due at sign up
  • Not included: Transportation, lodging, meals, dive equipment, dive insurance and travel insurance.
  • A minimum of 20 logged dives. Advanced Open Water Certification preferred. Experienced divers with Open Water Certification and required dives are accepted. At least 1 dive in the ocean to 70 feet or greater.
  • At least 2 logged boat ocean dives.
  • At least 2 dives in the last 12 months. Minimum age for Full Day Charter is 15 years of age.


March Certifications

Southern Ohio Diving Academy is Proud of every diver we certify. Congratulations to all our fine divers!

SPECIALTY DIVER: David Reed, Victoria Soulliere


DEEP DIVING: David Reed, Victoria Soulliere

ENRICHED AIR NITROX: Marydell Westman, MJ Erickson, Terrance Bailey, Victoria Soulliere



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